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Research & Analysis:

Uncover business opportunities and foster strategic growth with timely, actionable market research insights.

When it comes to making strategic decisions about innovative products and services, existing market research can be largely irrelevant. Marketers must rethink concepts such as segmentation, positioning, and the marketing mix before innovative products enter the market. 4ASSIST INC’s Market Research solution focuses on this challenge.

Making Strategic decisions

4ASSIST INC offers customized market research services to help you successfully develop customer demand and marketing strategies. We utilize a combination of various research approaches and advanced tools to derive all the knowledge you need for effective decision-making. Having successfully conducted more than 3000 projects for over 600 clients globally, 4ASSIST INC is a reliable market research firm you can trust.

Quantitative & Qualitative Research

4ASSIST INC offers integrated quantitative and qualitative market research services to fulfill a wide array of business needs. Over the last many years, we have worked with global brands and some of the world’s leading consulting firms in delivering insights to support new market entry, product and service development, brand communications and customer experience management.

Secondary Research

Conducting desk research to gather information about key players, demographics, regulations, technology trends, etc.

IP Research & Analytics

In a hyper-competitive business landscape, enterprises need to take a proactive approach towards innovation to stay ahead of the game. IP research is a critical step in this direction, as it allows organizations to discover and understand cutting-edge technologies based on patent and scientific analysis. It offers insights on pivotal technology trends, innovators and solutions early on to develop innovations with agility.

Social Media Listening & Analytics

Analyzing social media data to help brands identify trends in real-time and optimize their marketing campaigns

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