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With a modest and small start, the company began operations by leasing a 5,000 square feet warehouse facility. This ground up approach helped in understanding the logistics industry requirements and accordingly steer the company in the right direction to reach the position it is in now. Today 4ASSIST INC is a trusted name in the warehousing and logistics industry with storage facilities spread over many square feet. We are able to offer clients a diverse range of solutions catering to various industries, such as Chemical Logistics, Project Logistics, Perishable Logistics, Automotive Logistics, Retail Logistics, Humanitarian and Military Logistics, and E-Commerce Last Mile Solutions.

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4ASSIST INC took the first step into the warehousing industry by providing storage solutions for General Commodities. Although over time, the Company has expanded to different industries, General warehousing facilities are still a significant share in 4ASSIST INC’s Portfolio of facilities. The company, however has expanded on this service by providing niche solutions by providing storage solutions that can be compatible to generic products of different industries.

Why does business process management matter?

When left unorganized and unsystematized, poor business processes can lead to mayhem. At the individual level, people only see one part of a process, and very few can scan out and see the full effects of a process, where it starts and ends, the key data needed, and where potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies lie.

In the general facilities, we provide storage solutions for the following kind of products:

✔ Storage of Electronics, appliances (Temperature & non-Temperature)
✔ Storage of furniture (Temperature & non-Temperature)
✔ Storage of construction materials, hardware (Temperature & non-Temperature)
✔ Storage of Equipments, Vehicles, Machineries, Spare Parts (Temperature & non-Temperature)
✔ Storage of consumer chemicals such as Perfumes, Batteries, cosmetics, plastics (Temperature & non-Temperature)
✔ Open Yard Storage for materials that can be stored in the open air

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