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Managed Private Cloud Solutions
Your own trusted infrastructure, offsite

You can rely on Penta’s managed private cloud to:

✔ Run your own IT infrastructure, offsite – Maintain a full IT department without people in-house
✔ Keep data accessible across all devices
✔ Maintain compliance with ease
✔ Reduce cost and complexity
✔ Demoralized employees

Unique Cloud Technology

4ASSIST INC is a bespoke-cloud platform exclusive to our customers. With Cloudalize, you obtain unique and exclusive technology available nowhere else to run your digital office, cloud classroom, AI and other demanding applications.

First-fate Cloud Expertise

With 4ASSIST INC, you are supported by an expert cloud team. 4ASSIST INC built the Cloud platform on proprietary technology and heads an expert team who maintain and manage the platform.

Exclusive Cloud Solutions

4ASSIST INC Cloud platform is exclusively available to our customers. When you buy 4ASSIST INC, you buy the best cloud on the market. They are all available on-demand from the 4ASSIST INC Cloud Platform or from your data centre of choice.

Deployment & Services

When you become a 4ASSIST INC customer, our expert team will guide you to obtain the best features for the best value so your organisation or institution meets the goals and objectives.

Innovate & Explore New Possibilities

With 4ASSIST INC Cloud Platform giving you more speed and greater power, you will be able to do more and achieve better results. Expand your knowledge of how 4ASSIST INC’s unique technology can improve your working life.

Cutting-edge Technology

For the team, cloud computing and GPUs are part of our DNA. Our cutting-edge technology is built on a highly sophisticated custom-built architecture. Using 4ASSIST INC’s platform will turbocharge your organisation’s operations and process.

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